Energy Saving Tips During Summer

Summer in Australia can be tormenting. Without air conditioning unit or electric fan on, it can stressful and deadly.  In Australia, heatwaves killed more people than any other natural disaster combined. Without proper air conditioning Australian heat can be deadly, that is why it is important to keep your body and your house cool. By drinking plenty of water and staying out of sun can prevent heat-related health problem. When you are staying home most of time during summer you need to keep your house cool and that means you have to keep your air conditioning on most of the time.

If your air conditioning in Perth is working 24/7 you have to expect that your electric to bill will spike up, but with these simple and practical tips you can keep your home cool without sacrificing your savings.

  1. Insulate your home

Stop cooling the neighbourhood! If your home is not properly is insulated, the cool air produced by your air conditioning unit is probably escaping out your home and cooling the neighbourhood space. There is a technique if your home is leaking cold air. Simply lit a smoker near your door and window, if the smoke doesn’t blow upward you probably got a leak where cold air is escaping. If you have leaky door or windows it is best to insulate it to keep the cool air inside your home.

  1. Use your thermostat efficiently

Place your thermostat at the right place. Do not place your thermostat near the heated window or near the appliances that produces heat because your air conditioner will work harder than necessary. It is the thermostat that tells the air conditioner how hot or how cold is the room, if the thermostat registers a high temperature the air conditioner will work harder than necessary. The harder it works the more energy it consumes.

As much as possible, don’t set the thermostat colder than the normal when you turn on your air conditioner. Having your thermostat set into cooler temperature than normal will not cool the room any faster.  I will only result in unnecessary cooling and expense.

  1. Avoid using heat producing appliances and lighting

During hot days, avoid using home appliances that emits heat like oven and learn ways on how reduce the use of hot water. Also, only use lighting fixtures that emits lower heat. Avoid using incandescent light because the incandescent light only uses about 10% – 15% of its energy consumption into light and rest is turned into heat.

Unplug and turn off appliances that are not in use. Computers, television set and even your gadgets produced heat even on standby mode.

  1. Use fan instead of AC

Fan uses only about 10% of energy consumption than that of the air conditioning. You can keep your home cool without cranking up the thermostat by turning on the fan.

5.Keep your air conditioning system run efficiently

An efficient AC means lower energy consumption. You should schedule a regular maintenance check-up to your air conditioning unit to keep it running efficiently. Having the air conditioning repair technician check your AC regularly can be advantageous in the long run.



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