6 Effective Ideas in Keeping Your Air conditioner in Top Condition

Your air-conditioning unit is probably one of the most important appliances in your home. With the erratic temperature cause by global warming, we most probably need one in our home. Just imagine yourself staying in a room with no air-conditioning system at 40 degree temperature. Do you think you can rest comfortably? Work comfortably? Probably not!

Numerous studies revealed that extreme conditions such as heat and humidity can impact on our overall physical intellectual activity, making even the simplest of tasks an absolute chore. Scorching heat and humidity has a negative effect in our entire being as it could affect our physical, mental and emotional state. Have you noticed that when people are exposed to constant heat and humidity, they become easily get irritated and tired? Having a proper air conditioning system in your home or in your work place helps reduce heat and humidity, thus reducing the impact on our ability to rest, or perform tasks.

The first thing to consider when buying an air-conditioning unit, whether you chose to have split AC (air conditioner) or a window AC is to know whether it can survive under tough conditions. Because we all know that we tend to overuse our air conditioners during the summer, especially if you are in Perth during summer where temperature can hit 40 degrees or more. If your AC cannot withstand the severe usage especially during summer, then it is best to have the your favourite air conditioning repairs hotline number in hand, just in case they fail to perform up to the desired level.

The smooth functioning of a product depends on its proper maintenance. So, if you have a product, then you need to take god care of it. Let me share to you the 6 Effective Ideas in Keeping Your Air conditioner in Top Condition, even your air conditioning in Perth!

  1. Take extra care of the filter. In any type of AC, the filter is one of the important parts. It should be changed every month or every two months regularly depending on its use. Dirt and other pollutants tend to collect in the filter that would decline the performance of your AC unit. The dirty filter would also be unhealthy since the contaminants such as bacteria, mould, fungi, dust, cigarette toxins, etc. may gather in the filter and can make you sick. Plus, the dirty air conditioning filters also increases the air conditioning repair and maintenance cost.
  2. Clean the compressor regularly. Compressor is the part of the AC which compresses low pressure, low volume gas making them the high pressure, high temperature and the gas needed for the AC. The compressor is also responsible for removing the vapor from the evaporator to maintain a low boiling point. If you want your AC to produce cool and refreshing air, you have to make sure that the compressor getting regular clean up. You may also use oil specially designed for the ACs can be used for its longevity.
  3. Replace the old evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat when the air passes through the system thus provides cool air throughout the space. Replacing the old evaporator coil improves the air flow and air circulation inside the home. So, if you want to have cool and refreshing air inside your home, replacing old evaporator coil is a brilliant idea.
  4. Check the air ducts. Air ducts are usually spread throughout the entire room or house keeping the area cool and comfy. The ductwork ought to be cleaned regularly to remove the dust collected on air ducts to keep the room cool and well-ventilated.
  5. Use refrigerant. The refrigerant to absorb the excess heat and supply cool air inside the house. There are cases that a refrigerant leak would occur. In these cases, a reliable air conditioning company or contractor should be called to check and repair that part.
  6. Ice must be in the refrigerator not in AC. Due to extreme usage ice may form in your AC and would block the tube. In this instance your AC would not produce cold air even your filters were clean. Ice in your AC indicates that the air conditioning refrigerant is low and needs to be adjusted or replaced.

    I hope this tips would help you in maintaining your air-condition in top shape.


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