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Granny Flat: An Old Idea That Gets New Popularity

If you think granny flats is new is a new development in housing industry, you are wrong. Granny flat is not a new “trend” is has been around for centuries. Way back in old days in in Europe, specifically in Britain, large manors and estates have an outer building called dowager house. The dowager house, is a dwelling located within the estate, a short distance away from the main house. The dowager house is intended to be occupied by the mother of the legal owner of the estate when he get married and the new lady of the house will take over.

The idea of a dowager house and a granny flat is basically the same which is to provide a home for our loved ones who wants to live close to us but would still feel the independence of having their own place. As you can see, the granny flat is an old idea that gets new popularity. In Perth area, the market for granny flat is getting big because it provides a great advantage to both the owner and the dweller. These days the granny flats are becoming more and more innovative and modern as architects and builders keeps on innovating and re-imagining the design to fit the need of the occupant.

In the case of the granny flats in Perth, the designs become more conducive to elderly who still want to continue living independently. Most of the granny flats in Perth are now equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, designs, and contemporary lifestyle solutions. In fact, nowadays, granny flats are not just popular to elderly but also to young adult who is learning to live independently from their parents. Having a granny flat is a great way to remain close with our loved ones but still have the sense of independence since you still have your own place.

Granny flats are also becoming popular for couples who are in their 50’s and 60’s whose children are starting their own family and start to create their own nest. They consider building a granny flat as part of their retirement plan as when the kids are building their own homes, a large house is becoming more expensive in upkeep and seems redundant. Many of the homeowners who are in their retirement age are renting their main house and use the granny flat as their ‘base’ when they in between adventures. This you way, they still have a steady source of income while fulfilling their dream adventure.


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