Floor Standing Air Conditioner vs. Windowed Air Conditioner

Why You Should Choose Floor Standing Air Conditioner?

Floor Standing Air Conditioner is often referred to as portable air conditioner. They are independent, movable units with exhaust hoses.  One of the best features of the floor standing air conditioner is that it is easy to install. It commonly comes with a window kit which accommodates a small exhaust, a mechanism that removes the heat from the air in the room.

The portable air conditioner is a good solution when the use of window unit is not possible. There are some homeowners’ association that did not approve of the window units because they hand outside the wall. Portable ACs does not have any parts that hang outside the window or a wall.   One of the good things, about portable AC is its portability. You can move it around and place from one room to another depending where you need them.


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