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Creating Outdoor Space For Entertaining

If you are fond of entertaining family and friends, your outdoor space is a wonderful place to have a tête-à-tête with your guests. Here are some tips on how to make your landscape design in Perth perfect for outdoor entertaining.


First impression matters

The first impression may not last, but it does matter especially for the guests who will visit your home for the first time. When you are entertaining outdoors, your guest won’t usually come into your house that is why you need to need to make your outdoor space stands out. Your outdoor space is also the first thing your guest will see upon their arrival. You can make your outdoor space stands out by creating an elegant appeal or a festive atmosphere. If you are not sure on how to give your outdoor space a stunning appeal ask an expert landscapers Perth.

  1. Create different entertainment areas

If you have adequate space, creating different areas of entertainment is a good idea. Create few intimate spaces where guests can hang out. Creating these spaces is just like open floor plans that need that space be subdivided and defined for different uses, the same can be said for outdoor space. These different spaces can be good entertainment areas when they are discovered.

  1. Design a private space

An intimate and cozy space in your outdoors is ideal for entertaining an individual or a small group. You may use trees, shrubs or hedges to frame and conceal the area. Adding a bench and a table is also a good idea so that guest can relax and mingle.

  1. Add few surprises

Add some few surprises on your outdoor space by incorporating elements that make visual statement. A fountain, fire pit, a hammock are just a few things that you can add to impress the guests as well to entertain them.

  1. Establish a focal point

Create a feature in your outdoor landscape that would serve as the focal point. You may establish a fountain surrounded by flowers and greenery. An elegant statue surrounded by a beautiful landscaping design. Anything that would stand out from the rest of the design can serve as a focal point of your outdoor space.

  1. Add splash of color

You will never go wrong by adding a splash of color to your outdoor space. Planting blooming flowers in your outdoor space can bring out the beauty of your landscape, but do not overdo it. The 80/20 rule is ideal for adding blooms in a landscape. Eighty percent of the plants, while 20 percent for flowers.

Establishing an awesome landscape design Perth can be one of the best spots in your home to entertain guests.



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